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Each week a new and informative topic will be broadcast to build Remnant knowledge and strength. Depending on the topic there will be subject matter experts to guide you though your journey of buidling new physical and spiritual skills.

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Mustering the Remnant

We live in a time of giants, and it’s going to demand guts. It calls on those with the guts to confront the persistent evil devouring our common struggle with the sword of tyranny. But, being a giant isn’t measured only in how we fight large-scale battles. We’ll depend more on our communities and our networks to sustain ourselves during difficult times. How we handle friends and family that don’t share our opinions today, will largely determine the outcome tomorrow.

The challenges confronting the American people are igniting passion and highlighting the differences between everybody. If we were to agree on one thing, it’d be that our current geopolitical crisis, and social unrest couldn’t precipitate a finer opportunity for complete disaster. There’s a mix of toxic social, economic and existential ingredients, natural born Americans have really never experienced. On the event horizon we’re witnessing: Threats of economic peril and nuclear war as well as food, fuel, medical and water shortages.

Hence the reason we are mustering God's Holy Remnant to stand and fight against this raging evil.

Time to separate the wheat from the chaff